Monthly Onesies: Baby Shower Gifts


Monthly-Onesies-Basket-3So this is nothing special- you’ve seen them before: Monthly Onesies! This is a great gift and I was really excited that my boyfriend’s sister was pregnant so I can finally give it a try!!!

I used the iron on ones as opposed to the stickers so that they last longer and can be washed. I got them off of Etsy from the Baby’s Dozen shop. I was so excited with the way they turned out since I was rather nervous ironing them.

I think this is a great gift especially for those of us obsessed with picture taking and scrapbooking because we understand how great these are for that purpose. I thought it would be nice to add an extra touch with a little explanation card- shown in the pic below. I found a corresponding basket color to the onesies so fold them in.

I’m upset that I didn’t take a picture of the basket wrapped. It had celophane wrapping and I tied bows to the top of the basket.







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