Bowling Scrapbook Page Layouts

Believe it or not I had quite a few layouts for bowling. I never realized I went bowling that much! But in case you do to and want to check out different bowling layouts I thought I would share mine.

This is a two page layout. It is actually one of my favorites. It’s simple and clean. I traced a bowling pin on white scrapbook paper and cut it out. I then drew the red stripes on with a marker and colored it in. For the second page, I thought it would look nice next in black and white and compliment the blue and red. I took a scalloped edge white sheet and placed it over a solid black sheet. I actually printed out the bowling ball from clip art on the computer. The letters on the first page are really cool. I bought those from Michael’s Craft Store. The “Having Fun at the Bowling Alley Sticker, the ball, and the Strike and Pin sticker on the second page are all from the same package.








This is a single page layout. I printed out bowling pins on the printer and cut them out. I took the bowling ball clip art (like above) and wrote on it in Microsoft Word and printed that out as well. By using the light color paper behind the ball I was trying to make it look like an alley. It looks more like it in person!




This is also a single page layout.  I made a collage out of the photos and used bowling paper I bought on Scrap Your Trip to make it different than my other bowling layouts. I added a black bowling ball raised sticker from the pack of bowling stickers to give the ball on the scrapbook paper more of a three dimensional look.




Lastly I took a different color approach and went with blue. I created the scalloped edges on the blue scrapbook paper and placed it on a solid black sheet. I cut out the word bowling from a black sheet of scrapbook paper. For the “i” I created a bowling pin. I bought some more bowling stickers to place all around the page along with the stylish bowling shoes!

For the photos I did two photo strips on either side. I had a lot of photos for this particular event but I only wanted to have one bowling page so this is how I was able to use all the photos I had and get them all on one page.

Hope you enjoyed my bowling layouts!


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